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    Thank you for for your time and patience. This was a very much needed journey that needed to occur and am extremely grateful for everything. I feel like I definitely took a lot away from this. I learned to give myself a little more love, respect myself with regards to time off, respect my time, and more importantly how to communicate overall. Communicating my needs, wants, wishes and how to stand my ground without feeling guilty was extremely difficult for me to even think about but now I can have these conversations with my peers and or manager and feel less nervous about it. You gave me the voice or guided me to find my voice I needed to properly voice out concerns whether they were personal or work related. I learned how to properly acknowledge peoples feelings and still respectfully stand my ground. You were incredibly flexible with my awkward schedule and am truly grateful. N.H.

    I began working with Maggie during a stressful life transition after returning to school and struggled with the dissonance of a “surviving vs thriving” mentality. She exuded warmth and compassion and provided a supportive, calming space for me to tackle some difficult life challenges while trying to balance family, work, and school roles. Maggie helped me make observations of unhelpful behaviors and narratives that I have been maintaining for quite some time. Through guided discoveries in our sessions, her thoughtful and reflective questions allowed me to problem-solve time management difficulties, clarify personal and professional values, visualize alternative perspectives, and cultivate new, adaptive ways of approaching challenges. Maggie also helped me practice grounding skills in sessions to create the space to tune into my own health and well-being and make difficult, necessary decisions. I could not have made it through that tough transition without her! J.A

    Maggie was a thoughtful, kind, and engaging coach throughout our time together. She guided me through the enneagram process very well and often tailored our sessions to me and my needs at the time. I appreciated her gentle form of accountability and suggestions when discussing practical steps. I felt very comfortable talking to her and being open and was not worried about judgement. Maggie was always open to hearing my doubts when I felt something didn’t quite fit and we often would look at things from multiple perspectives. A.J.